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Secure processes, endpoint security against virus/randsomeware, data backup schemes

Cyber Security for SME

Cyber criminals do not care about your business size. They are constantly looking for vulnerable and taking advantage of it.

A business fallen into a victim will suffer from business disruption, remedial costs and regulatory fines. Reputational damage is also a problem  although less so than bigger businesses. Now SMEs do not need to spend huge amount of money into comprehensive backup strategies, constant monitor of IT equipments, and in-house data storage.  We will guid you through vulnerability scans, staff training and the creation of policies and procedures, which form the backbone of an effective security strategy. 

Let our cyber security consultants, legal experts and incident responders become an extension of your in-house IT department

Expert cyber security management, without the additional headcount.

Dedicated cyber security experts who will provide direction and guidance on securing your organisation. We take the pain out of cyber security so you don’t have to worry about it.

Cyber incident response management planning to help you identify and treat incidents, and quickly return to business as usual afterwards.

Vulnerability scanning and assessments to spot weaknesses that crop up inside and outside your organisation, so you can act immediately.


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